First Nations / Métis / Inuit

Aboriginal Peoples are the original peoples of North America and their descendants; First Nations, Inuit and Métis. If you are being discriminated in your daily work environment, the committee is there to enforce your rights. Human rights are the same for everyone; they remind us of the value and dignity that everyone deserves. Acts such as the Canadian Human Rights Act prohibit all forms of discrimination and advocate equality at the federal, provincial and territorial levels.

The employer is responsible for maintaining a healthy workplace, free from prejudice, discrimination or racism. The committee will therefore do whatever it takes to prohibit discrimination and provide courses of action such as grievances or mediation if prejudice occurs. The Canadian Human Rights Commission regularly conducts investigations to enforce the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Employment Equity Act. We believe that all forms of discrimination that contribute to making a workplace negative and stressful are unacceptable. We have a zero tolerance policy!

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